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                   Presidents message – 2014 -- Club at Smallwood           

 Dear Members,

     I would like to wish you, your family and friends a Very Happy and Healthy New Year and look forward to seeing you all this summer.

     I want to thank all those who worked hard to make last season a success from helping with the operation of our pool and Club as well as to the many events at our clubhouse. If we were to list them all we would fill many pages. We could not do it without your help.  I am sure the membership appreciates your efforts, and with everyone’s help and cooperation, we can make this upcoming season an even better one.   Our Club is more than just its facilities, but a place to foster friendships while enjoying all it has to offer. The Club belongs to all of us and the more we all get involved, the more all of us will benefit.

     We have a full entertainment calendar that was planned by a committee led by Marvin Ronik and Michael Aptner, Co-Chairpersons for Entertainment. We also have some additional members who will be working with Honey Cuozzi to increase our membership.  Increased memberships will enable us to lower dues which would help us obtain and retain new members, provide additional funds to improve our programs and facilities, and increase our opportunities to make  additional friends to share all the wonderful things our Club has to offer. We are hoping that all of our members will do what they can to promote and spread the good word about our Club. We have a great Club with a lot to offer and it’s up to all of us to work together to expand our membership to insure that our Club thrives.

     During the last season we had to replace the pool’s heater as well as replace the shingles on our aging clubhouse roof. Our reserve fund helped pay for these repairs. This fall the remainder of the clubhouse roof was completed which hopefully should last for many years to come. Members will be working together before we open for the season to take care of servicing the pool filters, plumbing repairs, gutter replacement, repairs to the handicap ramp and painting the rear deck. One of the special things about our Club is the way members join together to get things done. It is one of the many things that make our Club unique. 

     NOTE: Please be sure to get your dues in on time. This will insure that we are able to properly plan for and fund the full season regarding repairs, entertainment and activities. 

     I am looking forward to seeing everyone in what I am sure will be another successful summer filled with friends, family and fun at our Club in Smallwood.


Stephen Altman, President


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 Our children enjoy our new Play area as well as    the  pool Activities
* Kids Night includes arts & crafts music movies     social activities


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The Club At Smallwood
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